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Bamba Surprise

What’s in the Egg? Drop a coin into the Bamba Surprise machine and find out!

It's the classic Japanese Gashapon Gumball! Drop a coin into the Bamba Surprise machine, turn the handle and the Egg pops out. Open it and a special surprise awaits! Discover hundreds of items and learn how to spell at the same time!

"Oooh! A Rainbow Cupcake! I've never seen one before!" – Jon, 3, Cupcake Connoisseur.

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Bamba Books

Come explore our books! Choose from our shelves of fun, activity-filled interactive story books.

There’s lots to do in each book, from taking pictures with the camera, to tidying up a room. Every book ends with a catchy sing-along which everyone will love!

"My favorite story is ‘My Neighbours are Zombies!’. Ellie Anne is a-w-e-s-o-m-e, AWESOME!" – Pearl, 6, Aspiring Bibliophile and Spelling Bee Fanatic.

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Bamba Farm icon

Bamba Farm

There’s lots to do at Bamba’s wacky farm!

Shear the sheep, feed the chickens, bathe the horses, plant vegetables and learn to count at the same time! Keep an eye out for the dragons!

"The horses are all so cute, but the Unicorn is my favorite!" – Jasmine, 5, Farmer and Agriculturalist


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Bamba Ice Cream 2 icon

Bamba Ice Cream 2

The sequel to the super popular Bamba Ice Cream is here! Make your dream dessert with Bamba Ice Cream 2!

Make a perfect looking chocolate-chip gelato with a cherry on top, or a messy, crazy sundae stack of ten scoops! It’s up to you!

"Daddy, let's eat this Rotten Watermelon Ice Cream together!" – Dylan, 5

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Bamba Burger 2 icon

Bamba Burger 2

The long awaited sequel to Bamba Burger is finally here! Bamba Burger 2 is bigger and better, and in 3D!

Kids can now make the tallest, craziest burgers with the wackiest ingredients in this award-winning burger making app!

"Mom, here's the Moldy Slime burger you ordered!" – Christina, 5

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Bamba Birthday Cake icon

Bamba Birthday Cake

Create messy, crazy, sloppy stacks of cake! Kids can make the wackiest Birthday Cake imaginable! It’s up to their creativity!

"Here’s a chocolate, rainbow, potty cake for you, Daddy." – Jules, 4

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Bamba Wonderland icon

Bamba Wonderland

Rollercoasters, funfair rides, drama, excitement, action all in one app!

Take friends out to Bamba Wonderland, play dress up! Record the day's events! All new Emoji menu controls the characters!

"Gwen and Joe are both wearing Dinosaur costumes. Let’s make them both do kissy faces." – Jillian, 7

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Bamba Space Station icon

Bamba Space Station

It's a Space Station in a galaxy far far away!

Fire up the hyperdrive as budding astronauts play make-believe on a futuristic space station traversing the deep unexplored reaches of the galaxy. There are tons to do on Bamba Space Station. Study alien goo in the Space Lab, grow vegetables in the Greenhouse, have a party in the Pool Deck, put on a Space Suit and turn on the Gravity-Nullifier.

"I made an Alien Rainbow Cake!" – Sam, 4, Space-farer from Jupiter-9.

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Bamba Clock icon

Bamba Clock

Learn to how to read a clock and tell the time!

Go treasure hunting and chase the ol' pirate Captain Birdbeard over the seven seas! Solve Clock puzzles and get awesome loot!

"It's three o'clock Mom, where be the breakfast?!" – Capt'n Shannon, 5, pirate wannabe.

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Bamba Airport icon

Bamba Airport

Let your kids run an Airport!

Choose who gets to go on holiday! Help our friends find their seats on the plane, serve them airplane food, fly to crazy places, stamp their passports and help them out with their luggage.

"The passengers are picky, you have to serve them the right food or they go… YUCK!" – Veronica, 4, Airport Control Specialist (Junior).

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